Dr. Maria Montessori¬† was one of the first educators who emphasized the importance of early childhood education. The philosophy of our school comes from her scientific observations and writings. Dr. Maria Montessori started her work with mentally and physically challenged children. By designing special materials and techniques and allowing children to work in areas previously considered beyond their capacity, she realized they could work to their full potential. She took this concept and started working with normal developing children. Her theories soon surpassed all expectations. The result was independent, self reliant children who were eager and joyful about life’s intellectual and emotional challenges. We continue to use Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy at our school.


At Oneonta Montessori School we have designed a preschool, kindergarten, & elementary program that incorporates Dr. Montessori’s ideals for learning. Our aim is to provide quality education to typically developing children from 2 – 12 years of age, within the context of mutual respect and joy. We believe each child is a unique individual and should not be bound within limited academic perimeters, but should also be given creative freedom and direction to develop as happy & self reliant members of society. We believe the emphasis on academic excellence should be brought about by concept learning rather than rote learning. Our “hands on” approach to education allows for lifelong concrete learning skills by heightening the senses and developing keen observation skills.

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