To inspire academics  in a well prepared, well balanced environment. Oneonta Montessori School exists to educate, inspire and prepare our students to be positive forces in our community; to seek meaningful lifetime pursuits; and to enable our students to achieve their personal goals by making well thought out choices of career and lifestyle.


  • To treat all our students with respect, consideration, and courtesy.
  • To always be consistent in our expectations of them.
  • To provide an arena to nurture individuality, character development, and foster a positive concern for the welfare and happiness of our children.


  • To allow children to reach their needs academically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically towards their full potential.
  • To allow children the freedom to learn at their own pace in an atmosphere of respect and understanding of individual differences.
  • To encourage children to experience the joy of learning and the intrinsic satisfaction that comes with the mastery of concepts and fundamental skills through creative use of attractive, self correcting materials and activities.
  • To capitalize on children’s natural curiosity and guide their energies to enhance their sensory-motor, perceptual skills, language ability, and creative and social development, by caring, qualified and well trained staff.
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